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3 Day Event!
In-Person: Oct. 4th-6th, 2024 @ 9AM
Event Line: (661) 402-3076 Ext. 112

The She Experience: Queens of Hope

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that aims to honor and celebrate the resilience of survivors who have triumphed over the challenges of sexual assault and domestic violence. As part of this empowering gathering, we invite you to nominate exceptional women who have displayed remarkable strength and courage in their journey towards healing. 

At the Queens of Hope event, we will shine a spotlight on the stories of survivors who have not only survived but thrived, inspiring others through their resilience and determination. We believe that their stories deserve to be heard and celebrated, serving as beacons of hope for those who are still on their journey to recovery.

This year, The SHE Experience will be held at the beautiful Holiday Inn located at 38630 5th St W. in sunny Palmdale, CA!

We have slots available if you plan on lodging at the hotel. Please call our event line at (661) 402-3076 Ext. 112 for more information.

By nominating a survivor, you have the opportunity to recognize the extraordinary strength and resilience displayed by someone who has overcome the devastating effects of sexual assault and domestic violence. This is an opportunity to acknowledge their unwavering spirit and offer them the recognition they truly deserve.

To nominate a survivor, we kindly request that you fill out the following form.

Registration Coming Soon!
Registration Opens August 5th, 2022!

If you have any further questions,
please contact us at (661) 402-3076 x112.