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Makayla Mcneal

Hello. My name is Makayla Mcneal.

I am a warrior sister of Domestic Violence who has experienced physical, emotional, and verbal abuse.

I meet my abuser at the age of 17. He was very charming and charismatic. Swept me off my feet. It started as verbal and emotional abuse (name calling and belittling). I always blamed myself, and told myself it would get better. It never did. Soon it became physical. I ended up having to be hospitalized, and I was released to the streets due to there being no room in the domestic violent shelters.

I was homeless, sleeping on park benches in the middle of Winter, feeling lost. At one point, I contemplated going back to my abuser, but I knew if I did it might be the end for me.

Fast forward to about a year later, with the help of some programs, I got an apartment. I finally got on my feet, which inspired me to create the butterfly effect project. The project started out as just as a Facebook page. I didn’t think anyone would look at it. Boy, was I surprised. In just over a year, I had over 19000 followers!

I have been on the News, in YouTube interviews, in a TV show called Confessions, and in Podcasts all over the world. My mission is the help as many people as possible. I share educational information, help to guide people to resources in their area, and provide peer to peer support. My goal is to spread awareness for Domestic Violence world wide.