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Sathya Callender

Sathya Callender is a resilient and purpose-driven woman who decided to use her experiences and life journey to shift the scene and claim her legacy! As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse beginning at the tender age of 6 years old, as well as trying circumstances such as having a mother who battled drug addiction; Sathya Callender has demonstrated great faith, persistence, strength, strategy, and healing. She has managed to SURVIVE through the foster care system, through teen pregnancy and parenthood, through lack of resources and through domestic violence and homelessness.

As Sathya managed to balance the lemons that were being thrown her way, she was able to slowly make lemonade and lighten her burden through faith and through dedication to a craft and skill she’d developed; diaper-cake making. — After being abandoned by her ex- husband and attempting to gain stability in her new relationship, Sathya began making diaper cakes from the Motel 6 she lived in for a year, and was able to grab the attention and develop a partnership with Walmart. She was able to use that opportunity to obtain a home and stability for her family, as well as begin her dreams to serve the victim community of sexual and domestic violence.

Sathya Callender has now launched her company, Scars of Survival, Inc. which also houses her digital and print publication, Scars of Survival Magazine, and Scars of Survival Survivors Bootcamp — Since launching her business, Sathya has been publicly awarded and recognized for her patriotism and service to the community. She has landed speaking engagements, hosted workshops, guest featured on podcasts and radio shows, as well as highlighted and featured in national magazines.

It is Sathya’s dream and goal to continue to impact the masses and reach more survivors, potential victims, and to educate the general population on what gœs on behind many closed doors.

The Survivors Guide to Overcoming Domestic Violence by Author Sathya Callender
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