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Veronica Pryor-Faciane

Veronica Pryor-Faciane is the CEO/Founder of New ID Life Coaching LLC. This wife and mother of four beautiful children and the author of God’s Diamond in The Rough (released March 2019). She is working on be releasing The I AM Guide – Recalibrate Your Negative Mindset in 2022. Due to her passion for inspiring others, she has participated various anthologies.

Veronica continually utilizes her voice and history of trauma to impart the needed information to ignite elevation and transformation within the hearts of those who have been made to feel as if they are in a period of mental, physical and possible financial stagnation due to domestic violence.

Veronica’s journey consist of forgiveness of self, abuser, and her mother allows her to speak with passion and empathy. Those who choose to take the journey of reading about her truth, enrolling in one-on-one online mentorship/coaching or attending workshops have the possibility of gaining the tools and techniques to begin to restructure those negative thoughts, memories and emotions gained from the abuse suffered, can begin to heal from depression, anxiety, stress and control suicidal thoughts that plaque them on a daily, weekly and sometimes minute by minute basis. It is her daily mission, to serve as a guide for others desiring to thrive and not just survive along life’s journey. She assists them in developing a successful roadmap towards their NEW ID and not the identification that was given to them by their parents, environment or various societal factors. This passion was invoked after developing a warrior and not worrier mindset, overcoming 28 years of incest, financial, physical, spiritual and domestic violence suffered at the hands of her ministerial birth-father and most recently surviving Covid-19.

Veronica graduated from Grand Canyon University fall 2018 with her master’s degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Life Coaching and is currently working on her LPC Licensure as a Counselor specializing in trauma.

She is a living example of how restructuring negative thoughts via mindfulness can pave the way to living your best blessed life.

Veronica’s “God’s Diamond In The Rough”
is a chronically told and very revealing autobiography of her account of domestic violence/trauma experienced in her family. It documents her quest to ultimately find inner love and peace despite what she has endured throughout her life starting at a very early age. This is a must read for those that have experienced or knows someone that has experienced a similar situation. Veronica believes the behaviors of perpetrators’ stem from their exposure to toxic environments as a child leading to adulthood. However, this is not an excuse for this sort of wrong, cruel and imaginable behavior.

Veronica’s mission of helping others is presented with her transparency into her life, hoping others realize that they hold the key to their self-worth and happiness by making a choice to fleeing from domestic abuse or any traumatic experience.

On a personal note, I’ve known Veronica since our high school days. She is one of the smartest, helpful and caring people that I’ve met. We had several classes together as well. I commend her for her bravery and courage for writing her story. She may see herself as her book’s title implies, but she already shines as bright as a diamond, and now she can see the world through diamond eyes.
~ Kelly J. Rodrigue

God's Diamond in the Rough! "Stratigies To Overcome Tough Life Experiences." by Author Veronica Pryor-Faciane
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